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Our cafe is closed for dine in but we will be offering a full take out menu as of Thursday 10/8!  Visit us at the shop or call 299-EAAT to hear about specials and place your order. 
Masks are required to enter our shop.  
We appreciate your understanding and support as we make this transition into being more fully operational!


Ingredients:  Flour, water, yeast, salt and barley malt-- with a wee bit of cornmeal on baking sheet.  Seeded bagels are lightly brushed with egg white and topped with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, onion or a bit of each.  Plain bagels are 100% vegan. 

The Bagel Shop is committed to using the highest quality, whole food ingredients available.  For this reason, our bagels are extremely perishable. 


Though best enjoyed fresh, our authentically produced "water bagels" freeze wonderfully.  Simply slice first then freeze; they can go directly from your freezer into your toaster or warm oven-- no foresight required!  The ice crystals that bind to the bagel work their magic when reheated, restoring your bagel's deliciously blistered crust and chewy center.

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